At DAZN our passion is technology

Working on challenging projects, at scale and in a 24/7 environment is what motivates us. We're developing a set of single page applications using React & Mobx and microservice API's using Node.js.




      The name of the great explorer Marco Polo is a very well-known around DAZN because the system we built to QA the world bears his name… Read more

    • Visualising Front-End Performance Bottlenecks

      Performance is a core part of the user experience on the web. When performance is poor, users don’t convert as often. Read more

    • AWS Application Load Balancer algorithms

      Should I switch to use the Least Outstanding Requests algorithm? Read more

    • DotJS 2019 — Code complexity by Vladimir Agafonkin

      Going with a spirit of performance, I came back from dotJS 2019 in Paris revisiting what I know about improving code based on its… Read more

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