At DAZN our passion is technology

Working on challenging projects, at scale and in a 24/7 environment is what motivates us. We're developing a set of single page applications using React & Mobx and microservice API's using Node.js.


  • May 14

    Software Design & Development (London, United Kingdom)

    Architecture Conference

    Speaker: Luca Mezzalira (@lucamezzalira)

  • May 15

    Devoxx UK (London, United Kingdom)

    Devoxx Community Conference

    Speaker: Luca Mezzalira (@lucamezzalira)

  • Jun 06

    Coderful (Catania, Italy)

    Front-end conference

    Speaker: Maurizio Mangione (@granze)

  • Oct 1

    Global Software Architecture Summit (Barcelona, Spain)

    Architecture Summit

    Speaker: Luca Mezzalira (@lucamezzalira)


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